Typeface Guidelines

Hello! If you’re reading this I imagine you’ve only just begun your journey towards becoming a Graphic Designer or another media-related professional! Even if that isn’t the case and you’re reading this purely out of curiosity, I implore you to continue reading! These guidelines aren’t just for budding professionals! They are for everyone, to share and be shared so that we can all benefit from them!

Type and typography have suddenly become such a huge part of our lives and, sadly, there has been no such formal training given to people with their own desktop publishing suites (Word, Pages, things like that). Suddenly everyone’s using something that they don’t fully understand the rules to, to create designs that could be so much better, if only they knew that these guidelines existed!

After a lot of hard work and serious research, may I present to you, reader, the 6 essential guidelines to creating a legible, readable and attractive type piece! I wish you all the best in your journey, no matter what you are doing in life.

– Aidan.

You can access the 6 Typeface Guidelines by clicking the link provided.