The Top Ten Photos of my Challenge!

After much deliberation over this matter, I have finally concluded that (in my opinion) these are the top ten photos that I had taken over the last year; arranged in no particular order so you can decide for yourself which one is the best! The photos were picked on the basis of composition, timing, luck,…Read more The Top Ten Photos of my Challenge!

The Representation of Real

It is important to first explain what is real and what is representation. Real and reality are words which normally refer to something literally existing or something which is not artificial or an imitation of something else. Representation can refer to the action of talking or 'representing' someone or something. Representation can also refer to…Read more The Representation of Real

Media Discourse and Analysis: Week 1

For my final semester of college, I will be taking the module Media Discourse and Analysis. Media Discourse and Analysis refers to critically considering the impact and connotations that media, mediums and mediators (re)present to us. Through analysing relevant and current media artefacts, media content and the information presented to us, we can discuss the true…Read more Media Discourse and Analysis: Week 1