Echo Black – Fictional Artist

One of my favourite things to do, either when I’m bored or stressed, is to make something creative. I often find myself browsing through, casting an eye on all of the photos on the home page to see if I can make something from them. To this effect, this is my latest effort.

Echo Black is a fictional artist who is currently trying to establish herself as an upbeat folk musician and singer. She has now decided to release an EP with four songs; to add to her portfolio and to get her name out into the public eye.

I decided to take a very informal approach and have a bit of fun when designing Echo’s album cover. I first started with the idea of performing a double exposure with two images I found on and then seeing where I could go from there. I eventually ended up with the finished piece below. The staggering effect was created by selecting a division of the original image and then moving it right or left by 20 pixels. I then layered multiple images of the model over this staggered layer and changed the blend mode to screen, producing the desired effect. Finally, I desaturated the entire image to give it a washed-out look.

Image Credits:

Caleb Morris

Sylvain Reygaerts

(Both excellent Photographers)



Echo Black’s album cover for her new EP.


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