Media Discourse Analysis – Final CA

Media Discourse Analysis - Final CA Aidan Carney - D00143480 Comparative Analysis TV3 Vs RTÉ - 2015 Marriage Referendum Introduction For this CA I have chosen the Public Service Broadcaster RTÉ’s and the Commercial Broadcaster TV3’s coverage of the Marriage Referendum from 2015. Over the course of this essay, I will be analysing and comparing…Read more Media Discourse Analysis – Final CA

Outfoxed: Robert Greenwald’s War on Fox News

As Marshall McLuhan once famously said: The medium is the message. Of course, McLuhan was referring to the embedded ability of the 'carrier' of the message to have a greater impact on its viewer, listener or reader, rather than the actual content of the message. To put this into context within media discourse, the message…Read more Outfoxed: Robert Greenwald’s War on Fox News

Conversational Language in Media: Paxman’s Interview 1997

Conversation, in common terms, refers to the method of communication employed by two or more people when speaking. As part of my course material, I've been asked to deconstruct Jeremy Paxman's famous interview with Micheal Howard about his 'Overruling' of Derek Lewis. The video of which can be found here. Is the interviewer maintaining a stance of 'formal…Read more Conversational Language in Media: Paxman’s Interview 1997

Newsworthiness in Media Discourse

What makes a good headline? What grabs the public's attention? Why are certain news stories shown to us rather than others? These are some of the questions I've had in my mind before taking this elective. There are five points to consider when discussing the newsworthiness of a story: Timing Significance Proximity Prominence Human Interest…Read more Newsworthiness in Media Discourse