After much deliberation over this matter, I have finally concluded that (in my opinion) these are the top ten photos that I had taken over the last year; arranged in no particular order so you can decide for yourself which one is the best! The photos were picked on the basis of composition, timing, luck, skill, focus, colour and meaning. Let’s jump right in!

Comment below and tell me what you think is the best photo out of these top ten!


#10: Big cats cuddling.


#9: A friend with the ‘thousand yard’ stare.


#8: The view from atop Croagh Patrick.


#7: The best pair of shoes I have ever worn.


#6: The hardworking men and women of the Irish Coast Guard service.


#5: The ‘Wire Lady’ of Belfast City.


#4: The playful walk of innocence.


#3: The cold clothesline.


#2: The red rose from Granda’s grave.


#1: The best portrait I have ever taken.



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