And here it is, the final photo of my challenge! A bit earlier than when I said it would be uploaded but free time is a luxury these days!

One entire year, over 5000 photos, taking a photo every day… I’m genuinely going to miss it! Firstly, I’d like to thank my Family and my Friends for supporting me in this challenge and giving me some ‘gentle‘ criticism over the year. Special thanks to everyone who appeared in the challenge too!

Very special thanks go to the girl who has been appearing in the challenge over the last few weeks. It goes without saying that your patience with the challenge and your dedication to this personal project has been instrumental for me to see it through and I can’t thank you enough for that Aoife.

Finally, massive thanks to everyone who liked, commented and followed my blog over the last year. You have followed me on this journey, even when I didn’t want to do the challenge or I had a particularly rough day, you still stopped by and liked my photo or left a lovely comment, giving me the hope and motivation to carry on with it and see it through.

Please stay with me for the next part of my journey where I’ll be looking back at some of the best photos of the challenge, picking the ‘top 52‘ and beginning my next project: My One Photo a Week Challenge! Although, I’ll be picking a better name this time!

Once again, thank you all for your continued support and well wishes. May a pair of MagpiesΒ grace your next journey on the path of life!



Photo #366. The last one.


2 thoughts on “The End of My One Photo a Day Challenge: #366

  1. That’s Gorgeous Aidan !! 😊 congratulations on completing your challenge I look forward to following your next journey! 😊 I love you to bits Aidan! ❀ I’m so proud to be yours. X

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