Another photo of the crane I was talking about.

While we munched on our sandwiches and other assorted picnic edibles, this bold gentleman was stalking the eating area, even going as far as taking a full burger from one of the patrons!

Needless to say, if that had happened to me (given the price of food on site in Dublin Zoo), that crane would have been given a swift flight over the nearest lion enclosure by my foot. I jest of course, no matter what, I could never hurt an animal of any kind.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day everyone! I really hope you are all available to witness the end of the challenge! I should be posting it roughly around 6:00 P.M (Irish time) in the evening so please do hang around till then! What a journey it has been!

As always, and for the second last time in this challenge… Enjoy the photo everyone!


Photo #365.

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