Over the past few weeks, I’ve been searching for a band that I could listen to other than Metallica. Enter Papa Emeritus and his band of nameless ghouls, i.e: Ghost.

Ghost has been repeatedly referred to as one of the biggest hard-rock and metal bands to come out of the ashes of 2011 and shoot straight to stardom. Ghost have a very well established theme and motif in their appearance, their music and their presence on-stage.

Ghost is fronted by the amazing vocalist ‘Papa Emeritus III’ while the other five members are known as the nameless ghouls, representing the elements of our world (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Ether). The band sing about the presence, rise and rule of Satan and his coming to destroy mankind, with Papa acting as an emissary for the dark lord of Hell, a sort of unholy version of the Pope. However, the band don’t take themselves very seriously and I have my suspicions that this is congruent with the band’s motif and theme.

Ghost’s music is a strange mix of cathedral organs, heavy guitar riffs and amazing vocals on Papa’s behalf, creating a very mysterious, almost angelic sound to their songs. The lyrics often refer to the Lords and Lord of Hell and other figures such as Witches.

Lastly, their appearance. The best thing of all about the band. Papa Emeritus is almost always seen wearing a prosthetic skull face mask and dressed in black robes which are very similar to the Pope’s, wearing a Ghost version of the Papal Father’s headpiece. The ghouls all wear black robes with a silver mask covering their face, keeping their identities safe, which is key for the band.

I was sceptical at first but after listening to their most recent album ‘Meliora’, I was sold. If you’re into hard-rock or metal or even doom-metal, I urge you to listen to Ghost, the guitar riffs alone will have you crying out for more. I suggest listening to ‘Cirice’ from their latest LP, you’ll love it. Though people often hate that which is different and Ghost is very different.

Image Credits: http://loudwire.com/ghost-no-longer-obligated-to-use-b-c-in-name/



The album artwork for Meliora.


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