Finally! After a full week of waiting, my new typography books have finally arrived!

One of the requirements for achieving my honours degree is to compose a thesis on a topic of my choosing. For my thesis, I will be performing a comparative study between younger and older users of the web to investigate if the latter prefers a typeface for legibility and readability or for its inherent aesthetic quality.

As part of my thesis, I also have to perform a literature review on themes related to my thesis title. One of these themes that I’ve identified is typography as a whole. That is why I needed these two books, to give me a better understanding of typography and to contribute towards my thesis!

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the photo! In case any of you are curious: “New Perspectives in Typography” edited by Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel and “A Type Primer” by John Kane.


Photo #224.

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