In light of all the references to Metallica that I have been making over the last two days, I’ve decided to introduce you to my favourite song from the album ‘Load’ – King Nothing. The general meaning behind the song is to be careful what you wish for, in reference to money, power and all that comes with both. Another prevalent theme in the song is this – King Nothing, King of nothing, King who has nothing, for no one can take money, power and their crown with them once they are dead.

While this may seem like a very bleak outlook on life in general, it gave me pause to think. If going to our graves is dead certain (excuse the pun) and we all look the same once we’ve been interred, why then must we be so cruel to each other? Why do we focus all our efforts on material wealth over spiritual and mental wealth? It’s no secret that money is essential to the survival of all who live on Earth, which is why we kill ourselves for 40+ years in order to provide for ourselves, our eventual families and our legacy once we pass on into what lies beyond this mortal plane.

I don’t believe that this should be the case. There is more to life than work and money, though money is a bondage placed on the hands of the lower and middle class. A form of control to keep people consuming and wanting more. However; hobbies, passions, interest and a positive mind-set are the key to release. Everyone needs a hobby.

Though I digress. King Nothing is my favourite song for many reasons. First, the amazing bass line which slowly progresses into the main riff. Second, the lyrics and meaning behind the song and finally, the subtle reference at the end to Enter Sandman (Off to never never land). The chorus is a lyrical masterpiece and ties in nicely with the crash of symbols. Overall a great song by a great band.

When I listen to King Nothing, I often think of Denethor, Steward of Gondor – “Then it all crashes down, and you break your crown, and you point your finger but there’s no one around…”. Denethor wished that Faramir was dead instead of Boromir, his favourite son, and when he got his wish he declared Gondor defeated and tried to burn himself on his sons funeral pyre, eventually killing himself due to Gandalf and Pippin’s actions, thus becoming King Nothing. There are definitely some similarities between ‘King Nothing’ and Denethor.

Anyway, just thought I’d share some thoughts on one of my favourite songs!

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