Recently, I’ve been messing around with different blending modes in Photoshop to create some weird and wonderful effects. This double exposure effect is a nice way of juxtaposing two ideas or themes against each other, creating a message as well as being nice to look at.

I used a few different stock photos to achieve the desired message and they are referenced below. The price our world pays for the growth of industry is Beauty.

Thousands of acres of trees are cut down every week to meet our demands for paper, fuel and construction. Not enough is being done to make up the deficit our Earth is experiencing. I imagine in the future, people will have to pay to look at a tree as if it were some kind of luxury.

Our planet is beautiful but it can’t stick up for itself. We have been entrusted with a precious gift and we are currently burning, cutting and building it away without replacing what we take.

Please try to think of the Earth, it won’t hurt to print on both sides of the page.

Image credits:,,


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