While glancing through some of the settings on my phone, I discovered that the Facebook app was hogging an ungodly amount of memory! To put it in context: I have 400+ photos on my phone which totals to about 1.26Gb of memory. This seems reasonable. I also have 11 albums, which is roughly 150 songs, again, 2.12Gb is reasonable for such high quality data. Then why on Earth is Facebook taking up 1 whole gigabyte of my memory? So I done something about it.

I can’t say that I was ever addicted to social media, definitely not Facebook anyway. It came with the phone and I had a profile anyway, so I was quite ok with it taking up the precious few bytes of space I could afford. I never even went on it and when I did it was just to get rid of a notification on the app or look at something on a page I was a member of. I was always toying around with the idea of “why have I got a Facebook account”, sometimes even thinking about deleting my profile altogether.

Then, something started to happen.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself unknowingly browsing my news feed out of pure boredom, either on the commute home or waiting on a class. When either of these two situations presented themselves, my hand would go into my pocket, take out my phone and my index finger would automatically go to find the app and begin browsing. Scrolling endlessly, through absolute nonsense. Memes that have been seen a million times. People I’m not even friends with in real life, tagging their other friends and sharing images. Fake news stories and pages posting ‘facts’ which I would hear people discussing the next day in college.

I thought to myself “I literally couldn’t care less about this content so why am I doing it?”. Maybe it was my brain’s way of keeping my fidgeting happy, as I usually play with my rings. It definitely wasn’t an addiction, maybe muscle memory? Which leads me to the point where I discovered Facebook was taking up one full gigabyte on my phone. I was shocked. How could such an app take up so much space? Theres nothing even on it! Images? Text? Formatting? All that doesn’t take up gigabytes! If a sports app or a blog took up a gigabyte of memory on your phone you’d delete it. So that is exactly what I did.

I don’t trust (not that I ever trusted Facebook) something that appears so simple, yet takes up so much space. Even the messenger app is separate to the Facebook app, so it definitely couldn’t be that. Regardless, the app is gone and my phone can breathe a bit easier now that Facebook isn’t choking it anymore.

Maybe (definitely) I’m old-fashioned. I don’t see the appeal most do in social media. I never broadcast what I’m doing or what I had to eat and I never did (apart from this blog and other blog related stuff, that’s a different matter). I feel so old when I say this – “we are always on our phones”. It’s true, I look around the college and I see people buried in their mobile devices. Not that mobiles are bad, it’s quite the opposite. Mobile devices and wi-fi are two of the greatest things that has ever happened to humanity. It’s the social media thing I hate: People giving meaning to virtual interactions on Facebook.

Looking back, I am old-fashioned. The world has become a very narcissistic place in recent years. If I want to see someone I love or I’m friends with, I’ll leave my house and talk to them. If I had a good time somewhere, I’ll take a photo and treasure the memory. I don’t need gratification from strangers to feel good about myself. I don’t need a strangers approval on how I’m living my life, I have a Mother for that. This is probably why people use social media, to seek happiness. Obviously, other people may use Facebook and other apps for other reasons and that’s fine, but I’m talking about others who need these apps to make them happy.

Happiness is important, but you have to learn to make yourself happy. Sure, people can make you happy. My family and my partner make me happy but I don’t depend on them for happiness. I’m happy because I am who I am. I’m happy because I’m studying something I love. I’m happy because I listen to Metallica and Royal Blood. I’m happy because of my blog and my one photo a day challenge. I’m happy because I make myself happy. My family, friends and my loving partner are the icing on my cake, adding to my life in a beautiful way. This should be mandatory education for young adults, it was the best damn advice my Father ever gave me.

To quote myself from much earlier in my blog

I firmly believe that finding happiness by yourself is key. You cannot depend on others to provide happiness for you and so you must find what makes you happy.

Too long; Didn’t read: I deleted Facebook from my phone. At the end of the day, it’s just my opinion on the matter. Social media apps are not a good tool for finding happiness, you must find that yourself…

Stay tuned for the photo of the day later on!

Photo credits: unsplash.com, freestocks.org

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