Continuing on from yesterday’s topic, these are some classic examples of the seasoning available to most home chefs in Ireland!

The most important of which is the Aromat all-purpose savoury seasoning. This particular condiment has a special place in nearly every Irish person’s heart as being the thing that went on everything. From ham sandwiches to mashed potatoes, Aromat seasoned all that lay before it!

Another common item in every Irish home is ‘the rack‘.

Normally a name attributed to a medieval torture device, ‘the rack’ is where spices and other condiments are stored or presented. Ready for use at all times. ‘The rack’ is normally located within close proximity to the oven or ‘hob’ as we call it.

Anyway, it’s almost midweek! Have a good day everyone and enjoy the photo and the little insight into everyday Irish life!


Photo #179.

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