I would normally refrain from taking a photo of a computer screen but today I could hardly resist.

I have only recently discovered Metallica. My first thoughts on the band were “Where have they been all of my life!”. As a fan of Rock and Grunge, It’s easy to see why I might enjoy Metallica’s music but it doesn’t take a hardcore fan to know that their best albums are Ride the Lightning, Justice for All, Black Album, Load and Reload, without forgetting the epic live album S&M.

Funnily enough, as a result of listening to Metallica, I soon discovered another genre of Metal that I’ve always listened to but never knew I liked. Melodic/ Symphonic Metal. Used in most game OST remixes, symphonic Metal combines orchestral sounds with the guitars and drums of normal metal… Kind of like S&M… In any case, Metallica has a new fan.

As always, enjoy today’s photo everyone!



Photo #164.


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