Nothing new, I just really liked the way that my chain had been draped over my ring when I took them off last night.

I always take my chain off before I go to bed, in case I somehow manage to break it during my sleep. Strangely, I’ve had to get said chain fixed three times now and not once has it been a result of the reason why I take it off!

Gold is actually a very malleable metal, which is why pure gold (24 Karat) is normally the most expensive and least durable of all types of gold. For this reason, gold jewellery is usually mixed with another metal or electroplated onto a harder, more long-lasting metal such as tungsten or stainless steel (as is the case with my ring in the picture).

My chain is 37.5% gold (9 Karat) whereas my ring is 58% gold (14 Karat) electroplated onto a tungsten base, which is where its hardiness comes from. Hope this quick lesson in gold has been helpful!

Anyway, enjoy the photo everyone! I hope you’re all having a good Saturday!



Photo #162.


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