After spending a small fortune on a new E-Cigarette, I’m ready to quit again!

A while back, when college work was getting quite hectic, I foolishly picked up smoking again after having been smoke-free for almost two months (Thanks to an older E-Cigarette I was using). Now I’m ready to quit again and as a result, I am a whole 24 hours smoke-free! Go me!

Like the last time, it will probably another month before I get down to zero milligrams of nicotine in my device but there is no result without hard work too! The device acts like a crutch, while also satisfying my cravings! What an age we live in! In case it wasn’t clear, the photo is of the top of my new device!

Anyway, happy Monday everyone (it’s over!). As always, enjoy the photo!



Photo #159.


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