Almost as rare as cassette tape players, my stereo sits idly on one of the shelves in my room.

Comparable to a vintage vinyl player, I’ve had this stereo for nearly four years now and it’s rather sad to see it there, gathering dust. I don’t own a single CD as all of my music is in digital format.

I doubt we will see a resurgence of CD players like with vinyl, as vinyl offered better quality anyway (I swear I’m not a hipster). Poor old CD players are now obsolete as most people store their music digitally like I do. This is definitely due to a rise in streaming apps such as Spotify and Itunes as well as better internet connections.

Vinyl is different to CD in the way that it reads data. While compact disc stores the data in ones and zeroes, vinyl stores its data the old analogous way of physical grooves scratched into the disc. This means that the listener can hear every imperfection, maybe the needle jumped while it was recording? Well tough, you get to hear it.

For some, (me included) this offers a much more personal experience, almost as if you were there when it was being recorded. Still, I’ll always hang on to my old stereo, even if it only serves to remind me of a simpler time.

Enjoy the photo everyone!



Photo #139.


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