As a kind of side experiment, I decided to take a self-portrait so that I could compare myself now to my future self when the challenge is finished!

Forgive the awkward expression and black and white filter. It’s not as easy as it looks to take a decent photo of yourself, by yourself. The black and white filter also helps hide my pasty skin and red bumps.

I can’t imagine that I will change drastically in the next 230 days or so. After all, I am 22 so I’ve basically reached the peak of what I’m going to look like for the rest of my life.

Anyway, enjoy a big photo of me, awkwardly sliding down your feed as you scroll on! Happy Friday everyone!


Photo #133.

4 thoughts on “My One Photo a Day Challenge: #133

  1. I love it and it’s not awkward at all. 😉 I also love ten black and white filter and while back in the days black and white was all there was, I think that today a black and white filter often adds drama and a little mystery to a picture and I use it quiet often.

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