Today marks five months since my Grandfather passed away due to Alzheimer’s disease. It’s amazing how time can fly, especially when it seems like it was only yesterday.

In honour of this five month period, I decided to photograph the last bloom of the roses in my back garden, harking back to a photo I took of the roses placed upon his grave. I figure the “powers that be” made Grandparents so great that some day they were going to want them back.

With loss comes grief and with grief comes regret. Thankfully I have none of the latter. I made sure that I spent as much time as a could with my Grandfather, even when I didn’t want to see him or couldn’t bear to look upon his stature. In some ways, this has given me closure on the matter and he is in an infinitely better place than what his mortal form would allow.

It never gets any easier but it most certainly doesn’t get any harder. A piece of advice my Dad gave me: “Life throws all sorts of curveballs at you Aidan, but it’s how you think about them that matters”.

Enjoy the photo everyone!



Photo #129.


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