By pure chance, I managed to catch this wasp creeping up the patio window as I was about to take some pictures of flowers.

Wasps are locally known as “bastards” for their incessant hive making and general disturbance of the peace among Irish backyarders. Funny story: When I was a child, my Nana would always bring me to the local shop where I would proceed to “borrow” some cola cubes from the sweet tubs, innocently of course.

However, crime does not pay people! On this particular occasion, a little yellow wasp had decided to make his home in one of the cola cubes I had borrowed. Fate had suddenly brought us together and he proceeded to sting the inside of my mouth. It was at that moment that Aidan Carney… remained Aidan Carney and didn’t receive any superpowers, save for a super sore jaw and a lesson learned!

Be careful around wasps people, they are literally angry flying needles!


Photo #126.

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