A photo of the lit flame from my new lighter. I tried to make sure that the entire flame was in the frame but I couldn’t get the detail of the wick or flint when I zoomed out.

Smoking is, of course, one of the worst and unclean habits a person can partake in. Your hair smells, your fingers smell and people know straight away when you’ve just had one. Not to mention the health risks and discoloration of teeth associated with the habit.

Having said all of that, I love my new lighter. Zippo lighters, in general, have always interested me and there are many stories of Zippo lighters proving to be more than just lighters. I’m nearly sure I’ve heard of a Zippo stopping a bullet during the Second World War.

Even if you don’t partake, you have to admit that Zippo lighters are pretty cool.


Photo #121.

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