A photo of a holy medal which finds its home in my wallet, and much like my wallet it comes everywhere with me. It has decided a few different outcomes over the years. On the back is a small message.

I suppose everyone carries something with them that comforts them and this is one of those things. In times of stress or loss, I often find myself playing with my rings or my chain and, in special circumstances, this coin.

I think it’s good for everyone to have an item that provides comfort during hard times. Whether this is a ring or an old coin, sometimes inanimate objects can give us relief, more so if they have a spiritual or emotional connection to us.

I’m pretty sure I found this coin attached to a small pamphlet in Dad’s car one day and I just stuck it in my pocket. Nine or Ten years on and I’ve still got it!

Hope you all like the photo!



Photo #118.


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