So the other big purchase I made while on my holidays was the official Zippo lighter that you see here. Having walked into the shop and immediately spotting it, like my shoes, I couldn’t just let it go.

Over these past two posts, a lot of you may be thinking that I am a very impulsive buyer… and you’d be right! The timber wolf motif running through the case just reminded me so much of my first tattoo and for that reason alone, I was immediately sold!

Fun fact: On the bottom of every official Zippo lighter case is a letter followed by a number. This code refers to the month and year (respectively) in which the case was manufactured. In this case (no pun intended) my code is A 15. Obviously, when the alphabet is converted to numbers, A is equal to 1, with January being the first month of any year. Therefore my lighter case was made in the January of 2015.

If you have an official Zippo lighter, why don’t you check the base of the case and let me know when yours was made! I’d love to know!

As always enjoy the photo!


Photo #116.

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