Because it would take me quite some time to compose five separate blog posts for each of my photos, I’ve decided to compile them into one post with five different photos! Yay for logical thinking!

The trip to Belfast was funny, educational and a brilliant time all around! The hotel was great, the food was amazing and the city itself is both beautiful and easy to navigate. We were literally around the corner from all our shopping needs and the heart of Belfast.

Compared to Dublin, I feel that Belfast is much easier to get around and very easy to find what you’re looking for. One day we were all searching for a particular shop and within minutes of entering Victoria Square we had found it! Happy Days!

Belfast is a beautiful city and I totally recommend anyone looking for a city break to consider Belfast as their top priority.

In any case, sorry for the absence guys! Hope you all like the photos anyway! They are the five best photos taken from the trip!



Photo #109.


Photo #110.


Photo #111.


Photo #112.


Photo #113.


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