A photo of a particularly vibrant flower. One of my favourite flower shots so far!

The thing I find most interesting about this image is the black “veins” running through the petals of the flower. Naturally I had to sacrifice focus on the bud to get the image pictured above and below.

Also a very nice shade of magenta; what I imagine printer ink looks like. Most colours are often inspired by flowers and I often find that the best muse, per-say, is a beautiful flower or my beautiful Partner.

In any case, hope you all like the photo!

Oh! As promised, the news I mentioned during the week is that starting Tuesday I’ll be on my holidays to Belfast for three nights! So you may not hear from me for three or four days, but when I’m home I will be uploading multiple challenge posts based on my trip! Plenty of photos of Belfast shall be taken and shared with you all!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Photo #106.

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