A photo of one of the alloy wheels on my Mothers car. Dirty of course, I probably should of gave it a bit of a clean before taking the photo!

In any case, the Volkswagen logo is a great example of a logo that is simple, yet bold enough to make an impression. In short, it just works! Volkswagen obviously translates to the “Peoples Car”.

Like the Ford Model T, the Volkswagen Beetle was widely adopted throughout Germany due to its cheap price tag and its general reliability and the availability of parts for it. Although, the car attached to that wheel is a Volkswagen Fox; a smaller and more cost-effective Polo.

It goes without saying that the VW logo is a registered trademark of Volkswagen and I do not claim to own the logo nor the rights to it, only the rights to the photo pictured above and below (Just in case…).

In any case, enjoy the photo everyone!


Photo #105.

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