My trusty brown leather belt, a common staple of every outfit I wear.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I take great pride in how I dress. Theres nothing wrong with a man who looks after his appearance and knows how to dress well. Life is much to short to be saving your best threads for a Sunday!

Other articles of clothing in my wardrobe consist of mountains of shirts, T-shirts, jumpers and jeans and a few ‘select’ flourishes in the form of sports jackets and blazers. A common outfit for myself would be a pair of well fitted skinny jeans, shirt, and blazer to finish the look.

I’ve often been described as a ‘Teddy Boy’ and the like, but I couldn’t care less. I dress for me, not for others… well only one other person, and she knows who she is.

Anyway, hope you all like the photo!


Photo #93.

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