A photo of the sketch for my upcoming tattoo, drawn by none other than Trish Bannon Thompson! Literally one week and two days away!

Not long after my Grandfather passed away, I had said that I wanted to get a tattoo in memory of him. Granda never liked magpies, or birds for that matter, but the magpie is of massive significance to myself. The other plan I also put into motion around the same time was to do with the old magpie rhyme: One for sorrow, two for joy… So, God forbid, when Nana’s time eventually comes, a second magpie will be joining the first and it will then be two for joy; Joy for my two Grandparents being reunited once again.

I’ll be getting the tattoo over my heart so that two of my favourite people will still be close to it. After I have my new tattoo, I will be featuring it on my blog as the photo of the day as well as featuring other photos of my Partners tattoo as she is also getting one!

Massive shout out and thank you to the wonderful Trish Bannon Thompson out of Kiltale Ink who will once again be my artist of choice for this piece and my favourite tattoo artist in Ireland! You can also check out some of Trish’s other work here on her Facebook page and I highly recommend it as she is absolutely gifted with a needle!

Hope you all like the sketch!


Photo #90. Sketch courtesy of Trish Bannon Thompson.

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