Funerals and burials are often massive parts of Irish culture not normally felt elsewhere in the world. I think Ireland is the only country in the world where the tending of graves and the ‘final send off’ is held in such high regard.

So far this year I have taken part in two funerals; the first for my late Grandfather who passed away due to Alzheimer’s Disease and today for my late Auntie who passed away due to cancer.

For todays funeral, I decided to wear the shirt pictured above and below. A colour not normally associated with death, but what is death? Death is a celebration of life, taking joy in the fact that suffering has come to an end, or a long life has been enjoyed.

Ireland is my favourite country in this respect, we embrace death as the ending of one life and the passing on to the next.

Death is only a door to the room beyond, and in it our loved ones wait our arrival with open arms and smiles.

I hope you all like todays photo.


Photo #63.

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