Back to shooting what I think I’m best at; flowers! Another lovely pink rose from my Mothers garden. These have only started to flower very recently and with the good weather, it gives me some great photo opportunities!

One thing I have started working on is the use of the rule of thirds or the ‘golden ratio’ which dictates that something is considered good-looking if it is shot using the rule of thirds or using the ratio of 1:1.618 in terms of height and width. The golden ratio applies to everything, from nature to letter boxing in films and their aspect ratios. Even the common video display ratio 16:9 is considered ‘golden’. The width being a little more than one and a half times the height.

Getting back onto track, my photos can be made to look even better by using these two common rules when it comes to placing my subjects within the frame, which I have tried to do above and below.

As always everyone, enjoy todays photo and I hope you all had a good weekend!


Photo #58.

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