For todays photo, I decided to show you all a photo that I had taken many months ago in my Grandmothers house. I took the photo for a group project I was working on for my College degree, which is currently coming to a close!

The photo is of a portrait of all the Grandkids in the family but instead of focusing on the photo, I decided to focus on the edge of the mirror itself. This photo was used heavily in the project in reference to the fading memories of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

The project was based around raising the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease amongst the young people of Ireland; something that I had always wanted to do due to my Grandfathers passing as a result of the illness.

Finally, I was able to achieve this dream and be project manager on a topic that was really close to home. The project itself, I dedicate to my Grandfather and in the memory of all those who can’t remember themselves.

But as always, enjoy todays photo everyone!


Photo #55.

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