Shout out to my beautiful assistant for taking this moody photograph of myself. Today marks the final day of my tattoo theme for now. The photo is of the cross I bear everyday.

I would never have been an overly ‘holy’ person but I do have my own set of beliefs and superstitions if you will. Just as Jesus bore his cross, I bear mine. Not out of punishment but to remind me of the responsibilities I have to my family and friends and to remind me that the world is not a nice place.

The cross carries many connotations. In this case it is not only a sign of my religion but of the hidden weight people can carry with them. I am of course referring to depression, a growing concern in Ireland amongst young people.

If you know anyone or think someone you know is suffering with depression, give them your hand in support or help. From experience, we won’t ever tell you ourselves until we have to.

As always everyone, enjoy today’s photo and have a nice Saturday!


Photo #43.

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