As I’ve said yesterday, I’ll be focusing on the tattoo’s that my partner and I have. This is my first ever tattoo and as some of you Game of Thrones fans may recognise, the head of a Direwolf.

Game of Thrones is one of my favourite book series and television series (Second only to LOTR). I always wanted to have the Stark house sigil tattooed on my body somewhere and as of two years ago, this came true.

The Starks are my favourite house in GOT, even after the infamous red wedding (Spoilers!). Most Stark fans would have given up all hope after the King in the North was betrayed but not me.

Anyway, I thought the Direwolf on its own would have been very bare so I decided to get a tribal pattern underneath. Big thanks to Trish Bannon for the tattoo’s, both mine and my partners!

As always everyone, enjoy today’s photo of the day!


Photo #41.

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