Imagine, a month down in my challenge already! I feel like I only started it yesterday! Already I can feel my skills getting sharper and the range of photos I can take expanding. Without further ado, let me introduce you all to my Grandmother.

I often think that there are three women in my life; my Partner, my Mother and my Nana. I’m pretty sure the former two won’t mind being in second place to my favourite. Nana has always been my second Mother and my first best friend.

The reason I left colour in Nana’s jacket is because of the jacket itself. It is what Nana is most famous for; her typical old persons green parka! (Every elderly person in Ireland has one of these, no one knows why)

Nana has always been a tough woman but has never been afraid to show off her soft side with the Grandchildren as they are her pride and joy, and she mine. Just before I leave from visiting her I always say “I love you Nana” just to make sure she knows.

It’s unlikely that she will ever read this but I love you so much Nana, you are the best Grandmother a Grandson could ever ask for. Like my Father, I wish I could give back to you all of the things you did for me. You’ve always been a great role model for me and I will always hold you dear in my heart, even if I forget to say it sometimes.

Have a good Sunday everyone, and as always, enjoy today’s photo!


Photo #30.

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