Having just downloaded the album Horehound by the Rock supergroup The Dead Weather, I wanted to try to recreate the mood of the album through photography. The most obvious thing being a black and white filter.

As some of you are aware, I’ve recently started smoking again. The only person I can point the finger at is myself, but I do intend to quit again once the college semester is finished. I decided to put my bad habit to good use and get some moody shots of a lit cigarette sitting in an ash tray.

I often feel that smoking gives off this Rock/ Blues mood which is what I was trying to emulate with my photo. The Dead Weather definitely fall into both of those genres and are an excellent group. I have already fallen in love with them.

If you want to give the band a listen I recommend the song “60 feet tall” and as always, enjoy today’s photo everyone!


Photo #29.

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