I’m currently hammering through the first Dark Souls game again and yet I’m still finding more and more lore, through items I’ve never picked up or npc’s I’ve never talked to. One of the best things about the Souls series has always been the hidden story.

Naturally, From Software don’t make it easy to follow. Sometimes, I find myself making up my own story because of a gap in the lore. This is intentional on From Software’s behalf. I often find that gaps in the lore or the story make me feel like I’ve got to know more! It often adds this level of mystery. For instance the lore on Lord Gwyn: Because the player is not spoon fed information about that character, it makes the character more mysterious and almost of a divine nature, it makes you want to find out more.

Of course, I can’t always use my imagination. For this reason I have turned to a YouTuber called VaatiVidya. Vaati has been composing lore videos on the souls series ever since Dark Souls first came out in 2011 and is well known among the Souls fan base as the authority on Souls lore. Not only does his range of knowledge on the Souls series far exceed anyone else, his voice is like silk for the ears and he can tell a really good story. A good example of this is myself watching the BloodBorne lore videos, yet I have never played the game. I love the way Vaati can piece together solid lore through the smallest thing and even his theories are always extremely plausible.

I think Vaati is a great example of someone who can tell a great story and make me hang on his every word. He is also a great example of a modern storyteller.

Even if you’ve never heard of the Souls series, give one of Vaati’s videos a watch, just to experience his storytelling methods (I recommend the one below). I promise you’ll want to know more afterwards.

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