Don’t worry, I’m not dead. Today I decided to take a picture of the actual gravestone where my Uncle Aidan is interred. If you would like to know more about this subject please see my photo of the day #14 here.

I would hate to think that I was making you all feel like I’m a morbid person. I enjoy spending time with my deceased relatives whenever I’m feeling a bit down or when I need a break. It gives me great strength, to feel like my ancestors are watching over me and making sure I am safe.

I often find happiness thinking that my relatives have gone on to a much better place and have outlived their suffering in this plane of existence. I also don’t think that they have gone too far, simply passed through the fog door to the next boss (Dark Souls reference).

Seriously though, I often feel that some of my family are not that far away. Whether this be through seeing a robin or spotting two magpies, I always feel that those who have gone forth are closer to me than I realise.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Photo #22.

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