While I was taking pictures of the plant in my photo, I suddenly realised I had a little intruder in my frame. You will never know how hard it was to focus in on that little spider, especially using a stock lens!

I love the natural world. Both myself and ‘C’ are in agreement that man was the worst thing to happen to the Earth, with our destructive tendencies. The thing I love most about photography is that it allows us to peer into a world that our eyes don’t normally see. A world not really touched by us humans.

Theres no way my eye could render an image as close as that, yet my camera does an “ok” job. Although, I really wish I had the right lens to get that close to my small subjects and still keep them in focus.

Sorry if the image seems a bit blurry today. Hopefully over the Summer I will be able to get my hands on a decent macro lens. Enjoy today’s photo anyway!


Photo #19.

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