Today’s photo is of the front gate at my house. We originally bought the house back in 1996 when I was only two years old. They were newly built at the time, yet 20 years later the house is like it never aged, save for the outside.

I love how the gate handle only appears rusty when you zoom right in. It tends to remind me of people, not knowing the cracks underneath the facade. People these days always wear a mask, a public one. The everything is ok mask, nothing is wrong with me mask. As a self confessed introvert, I too wear a mask everyday.

Moving on, I do believe that houses can only be bricks and mortar until a family moves in, and our house is no different. Theres nothing I love more (save for ‘C’) than coming home, taking my shoes off and diving into my chair to relax. Its a nice feeling, one that I don’t take for granted.

Anyway, enjoy today’s photo!


Photo #18.

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