For today’s photo, I decided to mess around with some of the wall mirrors in my house. I feel like these little circles offer a view into a world we often take for granted. Even the photo looks like a portal to the reflected world.

I was told once, that the only way to improve oneself is to look within and see your mistakes. I was similarly told that nothing is a mistake if you have learned something from it. Therefore I take a great deal of time to look inward and evaluate myself against my goals or the image of myself in my head.

Reflection is a great way for a designer to pinpoint where they may be going wrong. By looking inward, one may see the flaws that has been holding them back for so long. But, when it comes to design, you tend to be your own worst enemy. Always gazing upon your own work as unfinished or missing something, while someone else may think it beautiful.

Designing for oneself is often the greatest challenge, as there is no brief or deadline involved. It is always easier to design for someone else rather than yourself. I know this through experience.

Anyway, enjoy today’s photo everyone!


Photo #16.

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