When I was younger, I often wondered where I got my name. In Gaelic, Aidan means “Little Fire”. In my family however, Aidan carries a much heavier meaning, being the name of my Dad’s brother who was killed in a car collision in the April of 1980.

So the story goes: My Mother, when she first saw me, thought that the name Ian would be lovely for me; a small name for a small child. Fortunately, my Father was on hand to change the course of history and suggest the name Aidan instead.

I’m glad my Father was there to name me after his brother. It actually means a lot to me; to know that I carry the name of my Uncle wherever I go, although we have never met. I also feel that it helps my Father too, knowing a part of his Brother is still with him in this world. Thus I carry my name with great pride. I also find that it brings me much closer to my Father’s side of the family, knowing how much the name meant to all of them.

The picture was taken from the grave of my Uncle Aidan, Grandmother Ursula, and Grandfather Jack. I find that the butterfly has the connotations of rebirth, considering caterpillars ‘die’ in their cocoon and emerge as beautiful creatures once more. An excellent symbol to be present at a grave.

As always, I took the photo into Photoshop and converted it to a JPEG, as PNG was too large for the amount of colours present in the image.



Photo #14.

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