I thought that I would try something new today as I’ve focused too much on macro shots. I set up the camera but soon realised that I would be too far away to press the shutter button. I can’t say I trust the self timer either, so I kindly asked my Partner to take the picture.

Recently my stress levels have been pretty high due to the oncoming end of the College term. As a result I have started smoking again. I was doing so well with my E-Cigarette but unfortunately my cravings for the real thing got the better of me and I folded. I do plan to give up again once I hand up my last assignment sometime in June.

I think the photo reflects how disappointed I am in myself for giving up when I was doing so well. College can be an incredibly stressful period in anyones life, and even with my productive attitude I am still under immense pressure, as it is my award year.

However, if there is anything that I have learned from life, it is that the hard times never last long. All of my blood, sweat and tears will be worth it in the end when I finally receive my degree. Unfortunately, I’m sure this time next year I will be going through the same thing again as I will hopefully be in my fourth year. Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hard work tends to keep me on my toes.

Big thanks to ‘C’ for taking the photo. As always, I brought the image into Photoshop and converted it to a PNG for today’s upload. Number 13! Unlucky for some; usually lucky for me.

Hope you all like it!


Photo #13.

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