Yet again, today was an exceptionally beautiful day. So as soon as I had got home from college, I ran to get my camera and shoot out the back. Little Fluff had been hiding behind a flower pot when I came stomping out the back and was frightened by my entrance.

To compensate Little Fluff, I poured a small bowl of milk and got a few pictures. I don’t think anymore can be said for Little Fluff, considering I had already posted about him/ her. Although I did decide on the unisex name ‘Little Fluff’ as you may have noticed, saving the whole him/ her debate.

Little Fluff is totally feral yet clearly understands the concept of bartering it would seem: A bowl of milk for a few pictures. As per usual: Photoshop, JPEG (PNG was too big) and uploaded onto here.

I’d also like to mention that if you have any thoughts or comments about the photo(s) or my challenge, please don’t be afraid to leave one below! I’d love to hear what you think about my progress so far!


Photo #12.


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