Today has been an extremely beautiful day all in all. To make the most of it I decided to head into my back garden and see if I could get some nice shots of the clouds above. Luckily, a plane was flying past at the time and I managed to get the shot below.

There are two things about this world that I love (other than my partner): The ocean and the sky. Today I was lucky enough to be able to photograph one of these things, as we don’t often have good weather in Ireland. Usually its either windy or rainy and sometimes it is both.

As always, I took the photo into Photoshop. This time however, I converted it into a PNG file. PNG files are excellent because they use lossless compression to squeeze the image down to a small file size. Whereas JPEG looks at a photo and starts changing colours into similar colours to cut down on file size. Using PNG means that my photo is kept in perfect condition while still being a portable size.

Enjoy today’s photo everyone!


Photo #11.

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