Just as I was about to walk out my front door, I realised that I had forgotten my phone. As soon as I opened the door to where my phone was, I discovered a brilliant opportunity to take a really interesting shot. So I ran and grabbed my camera.

I was very lucky to have discovered this shot, as I was about to go out and take some photos of nature, but as it turned out, I never had to leave my house at all. The photo has not been edited in any way and is exactly as it had been taken.

I realise from this shot that good photographs often require just a small bit of luck. Whether this is discovering an ideal moment in time, or by some random act involving something out of your control. Luck often lends a great deal of help to good photographs.

I love how it appears as if the sky is coming right off my phones side.

Anyway… Enjoy todays photo!


Photo #10.

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