With week one of my challenge coming to a close, I decided to finish with the night shot. I was saving this shoot all week as I had the perfect shot in mind for it. Although, my night shooting skills wouldn’t be amazing, I gave it my best.

The image is of the water feature in my back garden. My Mother takes tremendous joy in looking after her garden and this is her pride and joy. The shot was filled with a lot of noise due to the amount of gain I had to put into the image to offset the fast shutter speed, so some of it had to be edited away in photoshop but what you see is the exact shot I took, save for some noise cancellation around the edges of the fountain.

Its obvious that I need to work on my night time shooting skills, but this is what this challenge is all about. If every shot I took was beautiful, it wouldn’t be a challenge!

Definitely not one of my best, but nonetheless, enjoy!


Photo #7.

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