For todays photo, I decided to get back into my garden and take some still shots of the flowers my Mother has been working on for a very long time. I can’t say I know what these flowers are (feel free to comment and let me know!) but they are absolutely lovely to look at and smell beautiful.

The photo was not edited in any way and was brought straight into Photoshop where it was converted to a Jpeg for uploading on to here. I definitely think this is one of my better shots so far. I really love macro photography but I just can’t afford the required lens to properly do it so I’ve had to make do with the stock lens that came with the camera.

In case anyone was wondering; I’m using a Canon EOS 1100D with a stock Canon 55mm lens to take all of my photos. It’s a really good camera and hasn’t let me down yet, even though I’ve been putting it to the test in the elements and out and about.

Anyway, enjoy todays photo of the day!


Photo #5.

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