As the Summer draws ever closer and the end of another college semester nears, it’s about this time each year I start making plans for myself. I already have a number of plans in place and plan to add more to the following list. In no particular order:

  • Visit my Father over in Mayo for a weekend.
  • Climb Croagh Patrick again.
  • Go on holidays to a hot country for a week.
  • Continue writing blog posts and taking photos for my challenge.
  • Keep my skills up to date with the latest industry software and techniques.
  • Begin building a portfolio of my best work and photos.
  • Travel through as much of Ireland as possible.
  • Begin preparing for entry into 4th year (level 8).
  • See Joe Bonamassa live in Dublin with my Brother.
  • Spend time playing the Fallout DLC I missed due to college.
  • Get my tattoo celebrating my Grandfather.
  • Practice Stoicism, even just for a week.
  • Enjoy life as a 22-year-old.

Hopefully the above items should keep me very busy during my 3 months off over the Summer. I look forward to seeing how much of the above I actually do but I am really optimistic about it all! Especially my new tattoo, which will be happening on July 16th.

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