Yesterday I had started talking about my personal development plan for the next three or four years and ended by doing a SWOT analysis on teaching as a career choice. Today I will be looking at some short term goals that will help me on my way to achieving my overall goal of becoming a teacher.

So, one of my biggest milestones is already fast approaching in the form of completing my level 7 degree. This has been my main focus for two years now (I gained advanced entry into second year via my grades at level five and six). In about two months time I will be submitting my final pieces of work for grading over the summer where I will then be patiently waiting for my results. Obviously this period will be tense as I wait for word on whether my plan can continue into my fourth year. Although I won’t be worrying too much, without being perceived as cocky, as I have every faith that I will do well enough to be offered a place in fourth year.

Another short term goal is completing the group project I am currently managing. The project revolves around raising the awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among the young people of Ireland. The project has been going well but it is now crunch time as the end of the semester rapidly approaches. Things will be tense over the next few weeks as we try to have everything finished for the exhibition on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June this year where the project will be marked by an external examiner.

The last short term goal I have is this blog I’ve been writing. This has rapidly turned into a long term goal due to how much I have enjoyed it and how many hits and likes I have been receiving from the WordPress blogging community and I thank you all for that. Blogging offers me a reflective guide on which I can learn to improve myself and I am glad that this tool is available to me. It also offers me a way to showcase my work and any photos that I’ve taken, where I can then show them to potential employers.

Hopefully by completing these short term goals I will be a few steps closer to reaching my dream of becoming a teacher. I’m sure some day a few years from now, I will look back through these posts and smile knowing that I am right where I want to be in life (with a small bit of luck and a lot of hard work).



The proudest moment of my life so far, climbing Croagh Patrick with my Father. A short term goal completed through determination and a little help from my family.

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