Its common knowledge among anyone that knows me that when I finish my studies I would like to go into teaching what I have learned to College or Post Secondary level students. As I’ve wrote about previously, I will need to finish my current level 7, complete a level 8 degree, complete a Masters degree and potentially complete a teaching degree to get to where I’d like to be. This could possibly take 4 years.

Why would I like to teach? Well I feel I will be most useful to society helping others learn what I have devoted my teenage years to. I also gain a great sense of achievement in helping others (possibly why I always play as a medic in Evolve). I also like the idea of owning my own office and the wages for teaching are quite hard to beat.

It would be fair to say that my family drive me in my quest to become a teacher. I feel my Mother and Father would be so proud to say their son is a teacher. This is already evident at home where my Mother takes great pride in telling others my aspirations for life. But I often find that I drive myself towards my goals. I have always been an achiever in life, always striving to put the best of my ability into everything I do. My perfectionism is reflected in my personal motto – “Someone else will do it wrong”.

Obviously my chosen field interests me, but what peaks my interest is Graphic Design and its theory and Film Studies and Editing. These two things are my biggest interests and I would consider myself to be very lucky if I was given the chance to teach these two subjects. I love typography and graphics and combining the two to create something people want to look at. Similarly with film, I love being told a well crafted story and it is my dream to one day write a novel.

Teaching is my dream career, not job. A job is something you may hate doing. A career is something you are passionate about doing. I suppose the thing I’m most worried about is ending up in a job that I will hate doing. This definitely won’t be the case if I obtain a teaching position. Although there will be many obstacles along the way, I have every faith in myself to surpass them and keep working towards my goal. Some of the obstacles may include being teamed up with un-motivated group members when working on group projects or having to learn something that I have never done before. Although these can be easily tackled and dealt with.

I’ll now do a SWOT analysis on myself opting for Teaching as a career (keeping in mind that I have already done many of these in my head).

  • Good wage
  • Favorable hours
  • Sense of Achievement and helping
  • Job security
  • Personal development
  • Lack of jobs in current economic climate
  • Long education time (5-7 years)
  • Commute times depending on location
  • Posibility of moving abroad
  • Lack of experience on my behalf
  • PLC colleges (O’Fiaich College of Further Education)
  • Institutes of technology (Dundalk Institute of Technology)
  • Work experience in chosen fields
  • Post-Grad internships
  • Work abroad in England or elsewhere
  • New technologies will have to be learned by me
  • Teachers on tenure will never retire
  • Job positions are filled before I graduate
  • Wage may decrease over next few years
  • Loss of motivation

From this SWOT analysis in particular, I feel that Teaching for me is perfect. If I need experience, I will go and get it. A new technology comes out? I’ll learn it. No positions are availible? I’ll upskill myself till they are. Moving abroad or away does not scare me either.

Teaching is the career for me and I will let nothing come in the way of me and my goal.

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